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Here are some notes for your photoshoot...


Each dancer will get 2 FREE images from their shoot. Additional photos or retouched images are available for an additional fee.


Each chaperone will get 1 FREE image from their shoot. Additional photos & retouched images are available for an additional fee.

​HEADSHOT WARDROBE (Dancers & Non-Dancers)

What you wear greatly affects how you are perceived so clothing should support your image. Although there are no hard and fast rules there are a few things that rarely work well in photographs. Avoid solid white. NO BIG LOGOS. Avoid big prints, paisley, polka dots, checks and leave your Hawaiian shirt at home. Generally, the idea is to not compete with your clothes for attention. Wardrobe should compliment you. OUTDOOR ACTION PHOTOSHOOT (Dancers Only)

You will wear your group video outfit for action photoshoot. You will be photographed outside, so bring layers of clothes and dress warmly. Keep the cold London weather in mind.


Come with your hair styled as you like it and we will have a hair stylist enhance your look. MAKE UP Come with a clean moisturized face. We will have a make up artist who will do your make up

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