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Wardrobe / Packing List

DANCE CLASSES We do not have a dress code for dance classes. Dancers are free to wear whatever is comfortable for them. Dancers in London are generally very relaxed, yet fashionable. You will rarely see bun, leotard and tights (except in a ballet class).

Bring all your dance shoes just in case (sneakers, combat boots, jazz shoes, foot paws, ballet slippers etc.) Ladies over 16 - bring heel boots as well. SIGHTSEEING Wear comfortable clothes and flat shoes. We will be doing a lot of walking, as well as taking trains. Dress in layers (coat, hat, scarf), as the weather is unpredictable. Bring your cameras/phones to take photos

PHOTOSHOOT (Indoor AND outdoor) HEADSHOTS (everyone) What you wear greatly affects how you are perceived so clothing should support your image. Although there are no hard and fast rules there are a few things that rarely work well in photographs. Avoid solid white. NO BIG LOGOS. Avoid big prints, paisley, polka dots, checks and leave your Hawaiian shirt at home. Generally, the idea is to not compete with your clothes for attention. Wardrobe should compliment your image. ACTION DANCE SHOTS (dancers only) You can wear the same outfit as your headshots OR change into an outfit that you can dance in (your own style). NO SOLID WHITE. NO BIG LOGOS We will be shooting inside and outside with natural light. Dress in layers so you are not cold when you go outside. VIDEO REHEARSAL

Comfortable loose dance clothes with sneakers. Be ready for any dance style. SOLO VIDEO SHOOT You will perform a 1 min solo of your choice. Wear an outfit & shoes that is danceable in the streets WICKED MUSICAL

This is your night to dress up, but wear walkable shoes as we are taking the tube



Traveler's Insurance

Mobile Phone with good text and data plan

Mobile Power bank

Travel Adapter Bathing Suit Credit Card for Hotel Check In

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